Split rabbit color

The standard was created by the Animal Breeders Union of Russia (Союз Заводчиков и Селекционеров)


White markings can be on any standard color (with the exception of light spots, which make it difficult to judge).

Read faults for a standard colors.

Read faults for a standard colors.


There should be white, large, clear-cut markings on the body and head. The markings on the right and left sides of the body and head are asymmetrical. The markings on the head and body should be large and the boundaries of the spots should be clear. White color covers from 40 to 60% of the surface of the body and head. Claws of any color. Eye color is blue.

The eyes are not full blue, one eye is not blue. Symmetrical white markings in some places on the body and head. Blending White Hair
with colored hair. Blur marks. White hair on a colored coat. Less than 40% and more
60% white.


The color is roo light, blending in with the white markings.

Two eyes are not blue.

The head is full colored.

The body and legs are full colored.

Less than 20% and more than 80% white.

Two ears are full white.

Lots of small spots.

Dutch, spotted or mantle pattern.

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